Claire Shkolnik


Classes she teaches: RHYTHM RIDE

Claire is certified in personal fitness training as well as group cycling. She likes to add a creative touch to her workouts to keep making them interactive, engaging and most importantly fun! Claire began spinning about five years ago and found it to be the single most effective full body workout in an hour. In Claire’s word, “It transformed my body. No other workout has ever given me such drastic results so fast. It made fat melt off my body in areas i never thought possible!” She believes in variety, intensity and fitness that is easy on the joints. Her classes are filled with an assortment of techniques from rolling hills to heavy climbs to adrenaline pumping sprints. It is truly a workout for all fitness levels; challenging beginners as well as athletes, your body as well as your mind. “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better." You bring the positive energy and she will provide great music, fun techniques and motivation!